Lubelski, Troy Kurtz // Plasmatics EP // PULP03

pulp03 lubelski troy kurtz album art

Through a cosmic conjuring, two long lost buds came together during the extended groundhog's day of quarantine and created a maelstrom of tracks. Of course, we're talking about the already prolific Lubelski (Dirtybird, Crosstown Rebels, Desert Hearts etc. etc.) and label dad Troy Kurtz.

Chemistry between the two struck like a lightning bolt, and the onslaught of music poured out in a harmonious fashion. Enter PULP03.

'Plasmatics' is the heavyweight slammer of the bunch. Buff with 100 tons of sub bass and growl, this breaky behemoth also wears a gossamer layer of modulated synths and articulate sound design for the yin to the very strong yang.

'Flight of the Pygmies' also comes correct with a flurry of drum breaks, but it's the thick and humid bassline accompanied by barrage of lush samples that'll make you feel like you're in a real life game of JUMANJI with Robin Williams (RIP you blessed soul).

'Spaghettification' might be hard to spell but it's easy on the ear canals. The guys slow things down for a psychedelic chugger complete with a massive Prophet breakdown, modular ear candy and tasty guitar licks that'll be just ripe enough for the next vampire disco.

'Afternoon French Press' rounds out the EP, and is the floatiest of the bunch. This roller has the pungent musk of a dark roast, but is a well-balanced caffeine high perfect for warm and breezy afternoon pick me up. Come for the whimsical melody, stay for the beautiful french poem.

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