Happy Hour in Purgatory EP

After years of conjuring, the debut EP from @troykurtz lands on his long awaited imprint called Pulp Trax.

Drawing off a year of confusion, isolation and the sweet pangs of nostalgia, 'Happy Hour In Purgatory' lands like a warm blanket for the weary soul.

The eponymous single starts the journey off like a sunset sail off the coast of Ibiza with warm, introspective pads, a flirtatious arpeggio and a bass riff that's an ode to the glory years of the beguiled 'deep house' genre tag. Once the balearic piano stabs hit, the scene is set for a romantic wiggle into the abyss.

Hot on the tails comes the euphoric 'Hands on Hands on Clouds.' Like Atreyu on the back of his chariot Falkor, this track encapsulates the floating feeling of newfound love. The bright chord stabs, infectious melody and rolling bass sit perfectly with interspersed vocal sampling and twinkly synths that entices a brilliant feeling of connectivity.

'Trust Your Shaman' is not only good advice for spiritual adventures, but should also be required listening for cosmic soul searching. Clocking in at a cool 110 BPM, this enchanting tune has been known to cure 'bad vibes' and teleport you directly to the blissful gardens of psychedelic happiness with a soothing mantra that gives way to Herculean bass chug that would likely cause an earthquake should anyone be brave enough to drop it at a posh Tulum discoteque.

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