The inaugural take is always the best. Straight from the hip. Straight to the heart. Full of passion. Devoid of pretension.

Enter Pulp.Fm volume 1 mixed by @troykurtz

Enter the first installment of a series that hopes to break up the monotony of thumpin' club mixes. Think of it as a highly listenable yet slightly terrestrial wave of sounds ranging from acid jazz to Prince and cosmic disco to 3am floaty rollers.

Combining the uber hip club tunes of the future (Burial/Floating Points/Red Axes) wedged between iconic tracks from the likes of Boards of Canada and Daft Punk, the flavor profile lands like a fine gruyere and pinot noir.

PULP.FM is great for psychedelic dance parties in your friend's living room, road trips to anywhere else, or on your at home speaker system while you check emails and question your existence on this floating ball of sand and feelings.

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