PULP.FM Vol. 2


Can lightning actually strike the same spot twice? Is bigfoot real? Can you really bottle up a mess of feelings and nervous excitement and spew it out into a 2hr08 minute mixtape? We say YES.

So here we are with the second evolution of PULP.FM mixed by @troykurtz

With one hand firmly massaging the nostalgia of lost sounds and landscapes, the other yanks at futuristic tracks for a vision of clubland that drifts about in our minds like a recurring dream, so vivid yet so out of reach.

PULP.FM is great for psychedelic dance parties in your friend's living room, road trips to anywhere else, or on your at home speaker system while you check emails and question your existence on this floating ball of sand and feelings.

Enjoy the ride, and get ready for PULP02 // Troy Kurtz - TANGOLUNDA which lands Feb. 26.

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